NFL - A Thanksgiving Tradition [2014 INFOGRAPHIC]

Football and food have been the staples of Thanksgiving for the past few decades. From high school rivalries to college showdowns, Thanksgiving has delivered some of the most memorable matchups of all time. Leading the charge for the NFL are the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, two teams rich in franchise history. While a win for Dallas on Turkey Day has seemed like second nature since their first game in 1966, the Lions have had a much more roller coaster history as they are just below .500 since their first bout in 1934. While we can all agree that football makes the day fun, it’s enjoying the time with your family that makes it truly memorable.

The infographic below will outline all the significant events and great performances the day has given us over the years as well as a look ahead to the 2014 year. Enjoy!

NFL 2014 Thanksgiving Infographic

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