Why Dish Network Is The Best Entertainment Solution For You

For the very best in TV viewing, no one does it better than DISH Network. With the top satellite TV service in the country you get the choice you want in your TV lineup regardless of where you live, as well as cutting edge technology you will appreciate. Plus DISH is affordable; you can even get DISH Network packages, including the coveted Hopper®, for under $2 per day.* Only DISH gives you everything you want in a satellite TV service, even those things you didn't know you wanted. For so many reasons, DISH is the best TV solution for you. Check out its impressive offerings.


dish network local channels

FREE Local Programming

Your local channels are always complimentary with DISH Network. Your subscription automatically includes those channels in your area, so you never have to pay a dime for local programming.

hd channels

FREE HD Channels

Quality picture image for your TV viewing pleasure is yours with HD TV. With more HD channels than any other provider, you get the impressive clarity that only HD programming delivers. Only DISH Network gives you over 200 FREE HD channels for 24 months, with qualifying packages.


FREE Installation and Set-Up

In order to ensure that your satellite DISH is installed and service set-up optimally, so you get crystal clear picture, DISH always has a certified technician handle your entire installation of up to 6 rooms, absolutely FREE. You can even get FREE rush installation so you get your service within as little as 24 hours.

The Hopper™ HD-DVR

The Hopper™ is the most technologically superior HD DVR available today. You get the luxury of being able to record up to 6 TV shows at once during primetime, so you never again have to miss a thing. With the Hopper, you get seamless playback options because you can skip the commercials. The DISH Network Hopper has the largest storage capacity of any HD-DVR, with the ability to store as much as 2000 hours of TV time.

High Speed Qprism Satellite Internet Service

High speed satellite Internet service from Qprism is available to you, regardless of where you live. It brings you speeds of up to 10Mbps, so you can do practically everything you want to do online quickly and easily, from the convenience of home. Generous data plans as high as 30GB of data are perfect, even for heavy users. With bundle pricing, you save on Qprism and DISH Network services when you get both.